What causes a change in your skin conditions? Common Skin Issues?

What can change your skin conditions?

1. Stress

- causes outbreak of pimples/acne

2. Aging/Hormonal changes

- young people tend to have normal/oily skin

- puberty leads to acne / pimples

- older people tend to have drier skin

3. Ingredients / Medications

- harsh ingredients in soaps, cosmetics, or cleansers; possibility of causing skin to become sensitive

- long term medication

4. Weather

- wind, sun, or cold tend to cause dry skin

- ultra violet(UV) radiation, possibility of causing skin to become sensitive

5. Genetic factor

Each individual is different, and each has their own genetic skin problems. A customer once brought her mother with her into Infinite, and that's when we understand why she was getting so many fine lines at such a young age - she inherited her thin and dry skin from her mother!

Common Skin Issues

Dehydrated Skin:

- Skin cells are damaged by the absorption of energy from UV rays. Skin sends extra blood to the damaged skin in an attempt to repair it, causing redness and dryness.

- Result of aging process: oil gland activity slows down with aging.

- Skin is your body's first line of defence against the elements - sun, wind, and cold leave skin dry and itchy.

Sensitive skin:

- Skin reacts easily to regular skin care products and become red/itchy/rash

- Skin itches and/or develops redness due to heat/cold

Acne-Prone Skin:

- Skin develops pimples/acnes, especially if teamed with an oily skin type

- Oil glands come to life: the glands are stimulated by hormones during puberty

- Pimples grow when follicles (canal links between pores and oil glands) get blocked, resulting in an accumulation of oil under the skin

No one-size-fits-all problem or solution:

Sorry if this post seemed very general, because if not it may be too wordy and unpleasing to digest! These are just the common problems that we face in the very sunny yet humid weather of Singapore; skin types are ultimately unique.

To illustrate, we had a customer who was 20 years old and her skin was both oily and sensitive on the same spot. Turns out, some of the ingredients listed on her skin care products were not suitable for her skin condition back then. The sudden change in lifestyle after going into the university did not help either.

Therefore, complications do happen. Don't be quick to categorize your problem into one of those commonly mentioned on the internet. Instead, come and chat with us; let us customize a skin care regime that will be best suited to tackle and improve your unique skin type.

Alrighty, till then! Don't forget to hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water and get ourselves the ever-effective beauty sleep, XO.

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